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At Southbridge we pray that college can be a time to grow in all areas of life. We want to help our students focus on their walk with the Lord and incorporate it into everyday life, not just Sunday. We take seriously that knowing and sharing the Lord is our purpose. Let’s love the Lord together, grow in our faith and share it with our friends, family and those God puts in our path.

Justin Abercrombie, our Next Gen Pastor would love to meet you and grab a cup of coffee. Contact him at

We believe in intergenerational ministry and have opportunities to worship, study, and serve with others of all ages. We also have studies that are primarily college. 

Weekly Schedule:


10:00am Bridge College Meets 
11:0 am Worship



6:30am Men’s Bible Study
Three Tree Coffee, 441 S Main



6:30pm Women’s Bible Study

Bridge College Room

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